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Following Jesus

Jan 9, 2022    Pastor Andrew Smith
What if we really did what he said? I mean, what if we really followed Jesus? I’ll tell you, we, and those around us, would be better. This year would be better. Your faith would be stronger. So, let’s take the steps necessary to follow Jesus.

Message Slides:
- Luke 9:23-25
- To follow Jesus is to obey Jesus
- Jesus invites us to follow him not to make our lives miserable, but rather meaningful.
- Following Jesus is to live out repentance.
- Repentance is a change of life through a change of mind, will and actions.
- When Jesus calls us to deny ourselves and say “no” to something, He’s getting us ready to say “yes” to the right thing.
- Daily devotion
- Prayer
- Sacrificial generosity