Travelers and Cultivators

Jan 30, 2022    Pastor Andrew Smith
We all have an approach to travel. And all of us either have a green thumb or we don’t. But what does travel and botany have to do with the Kingdom of Heaven? It may surprise you what Jesus has to say and what it means for us, and everyone around us.

- Matthew 13:31-33
- The Non-Starter
- The Destination Determined
- The Joyful Journeyer
- Matthew 4:23
- Luke 4:43
- The kingdom of heaven is the place of Jesus’ reign and rule
- Matthew 13:31
- Jesus is inviting us to be Kingdom Cultivators
- Cultivate the soil
- Plant the seed
- Water the seed
- Let the Son do His work
- Matthew 13:51-52
- How are you being a Kingdom Cultivator?
- What relationships has God given you to cultivate?
- With whom are you planting seed?
- What opportunities is God providing for you to water what’s already been planted?