Church, We Need to Repent

Sep 5, 2021    Pastor Nick Farr
Series Summary:
Roots. Every bush, tree, and plant we see above ground has powerful roots underground. They anchor them, nourish them, and give them life. And the same is true of the Church. In this series we’re going back to the book of Acts, the roots of the church, to glean life and strength for our lives today.

Message Title: Church, We Need to Repent

Message Summary:
In Acts 3, Peter and John heal a man and refuse to take credit for their miracle. Instead, they put the focus completely on Jesus. Peter goes on to warn the Jews that their own agendas/motives led to them killing the one God sent to set them free. He tells them that Jesus must be everything. In Christianity today, we often confuse what's important for the most important. Peter's call for the Jews to repent and fully accept Jesus speaks to us today as well. If we have allowed anything to be more important than helping people discover and follow Jesus, we must repent or risk being sidelined by God.

Message Slides:

Slide 1: I was right
Slide 2: I was wrong
Slide 3: Acts 3:11-26
Slide 4: Church, we NEED to REPENT
Slide 5: Warning: If we add anything to Jesus, we risk being sidelined by God.
Slide 6: Acts 3:23
Slide 7: Jesus Must Be Everything
Slide 8: We’re so quick to latch onto the issues of the moment instead of holding onto Jesus.
Slide 9: Jesus Must Be Everything
Slide 10: We think our era of transformation will happen by the hands of man. Transformation only happens through Jesus.
Slide 11: We must surrender ourselves so that Jesus becomes everything.