How Do We Respond to God?

Aug 22, 2021    Pastor Andrew Smith
Series Summary:
Roots. Every bush, tree, and plant we see above ground has powerful roots underground. They anchor them, nourish them, and give them life. And the same is true of the Church. In this series we’re going back to the book of Acts, the roots of the church, to glean life and strength for our lives today.

Message Title:
The greatness of God and our response.

Message Summary:

Cultural relevance, strategies, and property didn’t result in the beginning of the church. It was about the greatness of God. It was about His redemptive work throughout history culminating in the resurrection of Jesus and the coming of the Holy Spirit. And what’s our response, to repent and be baptized. And that’s exactly what happened in Acts 2.

Message Slides:

Slide 1: Genesis 11:4-8
Slide 2: Acts 1:1-6
Slide 3: The greatness and glory they were proclaiming was the in-gathering of humanity through Jesus.
Slide 4: Acts 2:36
Slide 5: Acts 2:37-41
Slide 6: Repentance is an all-out course correction in life.
Slide 7: Baptism is our public declaration of our identification with Jesus
Slide 8: Acts 2:41