How to Respond to Doubt

Aug 28, 2022    Pastor Jeff Loven
Doubting is natural. This series highlights people we find in the Bible who doubted, and how Jesus responds to their doubt. We’ll discover how Jesus addresses our crisis of faith...because we've all been there, are there right now, or will find ourselves there. Faith is not the absence of doubt — our times of greatest doubt can be our times of greatest discovery!

Message slides:
• James 1:2-8
• “Doubt” - to be uncertain, be at odds with oneself, having two minds about a single matter, waver
• Doubt can lead us to dismiss faith, or it can lead us to discover deeper faith.
• Lingering in doubt creates instability in our lives
• Doubt is a natural response to the trials in our lives. Wisdom is the response of faith.
• James 1:5
• James 1:2-4
• Doubt leads to deeper faith only when we actively replace it with trust,
• 2 Corinthians 10:4-5
• James 1:17