When Our Faith Gets Tested

Jan 15, 2023    Pastor Andrew Smith

We’ve all taken tests. Some we we're more ready for than others. And in the first book written in the New Testament, James preps us for the tests we’ll all face as we move our faith forward. Join us in Week 1 of the FORWARD series as we learn how to pass the tests!


- Jesus is the fulfillment of all the Old Testament prophesies

- Jesus wasn’t just a good man, he is the God-man

- Jesus told us to love God and others as ourselves

- Tests are good

- James 1:2

- Test 1: Your Mouth

- James 1:19

- Every time we open our mouths, it’s a test

- Test 2: Your Actions

- James 1:22

- What you believe is seen by what you do

- Test 3: Your Motives

- James 3:13