Never give up hope

Sep 25, 2022    Pastor Jake Osborne

Doubting is natural. This series highlights people we find in the Bible who doubted, and how Jesus responds to their doubt. We’ll discover how Jesus addresses our crisis of faith...because we've all been there, are there right now, or will find ourselves there. Faith is not the absence of doubt — our times of greatest doubt can be our times of greatest discovery!

Message slides:
• The pain of being let down is greater than the joy of staying true
• John 20:24-29
• Doubt doesn’t have to short circuit our faith, it can refine it
• Hebrews 1:1-3
• Faith is looking at God and trusting Him for what is going to happen
• Hope is looking at the future and trusting God for it
• Inwardly, faith changes hearts. Outwardly, faith moves mountains
• Doubt is a limiter
• Faith is an enabler
• Don’t let doubt ruin what faith has for you