Can I love Jesus but not the church

Oct 10, 2021    Pastor Andrew Smith
Do you follow Jesus? Yes. Do you go to church? No. Can that even be a thing, to follow Jesus and not attend church? We live at a time when people are open to Jesus but many times closed off to the church. So, we’re answering the question - “Can I love Jesus but not the church?”

Message Slides:
slide 1: The Day of The Great Assembly
slide 2: 1Peter 2:9,10
slide 3: The church are those called out by God, carrying out the mission of God.
slide 4: Matthew 16:16-18
slide 5: A bride
slide 6: A family
slide 7: A house
slide 8: To love Jesus is to love what Jesus loves
slide 9: To love the local church is to…
slide 10: Commit
slide 11: Participate