The Pump Fake

Feb 6, 2022    Pastor Andrew Smith
The pump fake is all about a quarterback looking like they’re going to do something they’re not. It seems like they’re going to let go of the ball, and hold onto it instead. It may work great in football, but not with forgiveness. Listen to what Jesus says about avoiding the pump fake with forgiveness.

- The Pump Fake
- Matthew 18:21,22
- Matthew 18:23-27
- Jesus has compassion on us and forgives our debt
- Matthew 18:28-30
- We can forgive others because we have been forgiven
- Matthew 18:31-35
- Forgiveness is a matter of mercy
- Mercy is not getting what you deserve
- They don’t have to deserve it for you to forgive them
- Have you received God’s forgiveness?
- Who will you bring with you?
- Who do you need to forgive?