How to Grow Your Faith

Jul 25, 2021    Pastor Andrew Smith
Message Series: That's my Jam
Teacher: Pastor Andrew Smith
Date: July 25, 2021

Message Title: Roots, Vines, and Branches / How to Grow Your Faith

Message Summary:
What we want is a life of ease and comfort. What we all too often get are detours and discomfort. The truth is, God does His greatest work in us when things are most difficult around us. Just take a page out of the vines life to see how and when grow and flourish best.

Message Slides:
Slide 1: John 15:1-5
Slide 2: The harder the soil, the hotter the weather, the better the fruit.
Slide 3: God may not make the hardship, but He can make something out of the hardship.
Slide 4: John 15:5
Slide 5: We want the product without going through the process
Slide 6: John 15:2
Slide 7: We’re pruned in order to bear more fruit.