Jesus is the Only Way

Sep 12, 2021    Pastor Andrew Smith
Some things are just true. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The moon's gravitational pull affects the oceans' tides. And Jesus is the only hope for humanity. Just because it’s contested, debated, or dismissed, doesn’t make it any less true as we see when we take a look at Acts chapter 4.

Message Slides:
slide 1: Acts 4:5-7
slide 2: Are you able to give credit where credit is due?
slide 3: Acts 4:8-12
slide 4: We are all in need of saving and Jesus is the only One who can save us.
slide 5: Romans 5:12
slide 6: Salvation is: Deliverance from son’s power and freedom from sin’s penalty.
slide 7: There is no universalism
slide 8: Tolerance should lead to acceptance, not approval
slide 9: “Your truth” is not THE truth
slide 10: Every belief system is based on how good you must be and what you must do. Following Jesus is about how good He is and what He did — for you.
slide 11: Acts 4:20 “… we are unable to stop speaking about what we have seen and heard.”