What does the Bible say about Hell?

Feb 27, 2022    Pastor Nick Farr
The return of Jesus to make all things right creates a sense of urgency so strong that it's the reason we do what we do as a church. It's the reason we are "For the Valley." It's the reason we help people discover and follow Jesus.

Message Slides:
- Matthew 25:31-46
- Son of Man- Jesus coming to earth
- Shepherd- Jesus guiding us, showing us the way
- The King- Jesus setting everything right.
- Jesus is returning
- Do we trust ourselves to run our lives or do we trust Jesus?
- Imminent arrival brings expectation and preparation
- Our preparation is to surrender ourselves to the Gospel
- Will we follow Jesus?
- Matthew 25:31-34
- Heaven is real. Heaven is eternal.
- Hell is real. Hell is eternal.
- Will we trust him to run our lives?