Trust His leading

Dec 5, 2021    Pastor Andrew Smith
Why is it taking so long? Why do I seem to be going the wrong direction from where I want to go? These are both honest and good questions to ask. Jesus may not always take us the way we want to go, but He’ll always lead us the way we should go.

Message Slides:
- Exodus 13:3
- Exodus 13:17-18
- The fastest way isn’t always the right way
- We think that if we’re not getting what we want He’s keeping something from us, but the truth could be that He’s keeping us from something.
- Exodus 13:17
- Have you ever thought that it may be taking longer because God is protecting you from something?
- What God has done for us He will later do through us
- Exodus 13:18
- As Jesus freed us from the power of sin, the Holy Spirit empowers us to fight sin.