PRAY Specifically

Nov 13, 2022    Pastor Jeff Loven

Join is in Week 1 of the PRAY Series as we discover how God will answer your specific prayers. Let’s be honest, we’ve all got a lot of questions about prayer. Does it make a difference? How often? When? How long? The list goes on and on. So, journey with us as we dive into what the Bible says about prayer.


• Genesis 24:10-17

• Genesis 24:2ab, 10-12a

• If you want powerful results, choose prayer over power.

• When you pray specifically, God responds specifically.

• Genesis 24:12

• Pray specifically about when.

• Genesis 24:13

• Pray specifically about where.

• Genesis 24:14

• Pray specifically about who.

• Genesis 24:14

• Pray specifically about how.

• Genesis 24:21

• Watch specifically for God’s specific responses.

• Genesis 24:26-27

• Let the move of God move you to worship God.