From here to there

Dec 12, 2021    Pastor Andrew Smith
Walking by faith and trusting God is easier said than done. But what makes it harder for us at times is that we’re not really placing our faith or trust in God. But when we do, He takes us from places of familiarity to places of freedom.

Message Slides:
- Exodus 16:1-3
- The space between the promise and the destination is the process.
- We can’t retreat to the familiar over trusting God with our future.
- Exodus 16:3
- We can only move from the familiar to the future by faith
- The degree of our trust is based on the object of our trust
- Isaiah 12:2
- Exodus 16:4
- We become aware of our need to trust only when we’ve reached the edge of what’s familiar.
- Philippians 4:19 “all your needs”