Lion tribe

What is the Lion Tribe?

BridgeChurch Men's Ministry

How do men live like Jesus in today's world? How do we know when to engage and when to de-escalate? Modern masculinity is confusing and biblical masculinity typically goes to one extreme or another. Lion Tribe seeks to change the narrative. Through Lion Tribe, men have the opportunity to step into accountability, action, and develop life altering friendships with other men.  Are you ready to join the Tribe?

FInd your purpose

What are you meant to do?
How has God designed you?
How does that fit into the life you're living now? 

Lion Tribe Workshops meet at different times and at different locations. Some of our Workshops meet in person, some meet online, and others are a hybrid. The only question is are you ready to move beyond polite conversation and into the Tribe? Learn more about our Workshop for finding and living your God-given purpose.


How do you fix your own car?
What's the best way to BBQ? 

How do I handle knifes or guns safely?

Find Your Way Workshops are Coming Soon

Get Accountable

Step out of the shadows and start taking control.

Asking other men to hold us accountable is difficult. We're told that we should be able to handle everything on our own. As a result, we come up with excuses for not inviting others into our struggles. What does this guarantee? The shadow areas of our lives continue to hold more power than they should in our lives. The only way to deal with sin is to bring it into the light. Tribe Accountability groups are a safe place for you to help accountable or make progress towards being the man God has designed you to be. Learn more about our available Tribe Accountability groups below.

STUDY Groups

How can I best read the Bible?
How do I take Sunday messages and keep applying them?
How can I understand God more?

Study Groups focus on reading your Bible and walking away with practical ways to implement what you've learned. Learn how to apply God's Word to your life and how to better show up for your family, friends, and work.

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