Forgiveness | Pastor Andrew Smith | F*Words Wk 4
Andrew Smith   -  

If it was easy we wouldn’t have to learn how to do it, but too often forgiveness doesn’t come naturally. We want to hold on, remember, and file away. But in the end, we, not they, are the ones who suffer from our unforgiveness. Jesus wants us to have life to the full and that begins by forgiving others like we’ve been forgiven.

Message Notes:

Slide 1: In order to practice forgiveness, we’ve got to receive forgiveness.

Slide 2: Matthew 19:26

Slide 3: Matthew 18:21,22

Slide 4: Forgiveness is not a one and done.

Slide 5: We can forgive because we’ve been forgiven

Slide 6: Ephesians 4:32

Slide 7: Let’s ask ourselves: Am I holding onto the hurt or the Helper?


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